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Markup Assist, available as a separate application, will import and incorporate your ideas, suggestions, and comments into the drawing in order to help you get more done faster and more accurately. You can save your information and reuse it, and generate a personalized report of your design processes.Warping Technology:Use this technology to create accurate and precise models in complex or dynamic environments. The new warp surface control feature allows you to specify the level of warp-reference material applied, control the curvature of surfaces, and more accurately track shapes and surfaces as your model changes. (video: 4:54 min.)Improved Thumbstick Gestures:To create more intuitive and dynamic drawings, AutoCAD offers a number of new gesture options. Use new commands with a single-button press to zoom, move, rotate, and rotate and translate objects. Receive notifications when you’re near commands and graphics, so you don’t have to open the Graphics tab to find them. And you can open objects and control the selected objects with gestures, without using the mouse. (video: 5:54 min.)360-Degree Toolbar:Get creative with AutoCAD with this new toolbar that offers 360-degree controls, optimized for drawing in 3D, 2D, and any environment. (video: 3:15 min.)In conjunction with new features in the AutoCAD 360 Cloud, you can now take advantage of a new Autodesk 360 service that will enable you to view CAD content on a Windows 10 tablet or mobile device, and will provide you with the full set of AutoCAD features, including the 3D drawing environment, to make creative design changes.In addition, you will be able to access your content on your devices while you are on the go.New Taskbar Widgets:Get notifications and launch commands easily by adding widgets to the AutoCAD Taskbar. Simply drag and drop your widgets to the Taskbar, or you can even create your own. (video: 6:45 min.)Get your best fits for free:AutoCAD is the most widely used 2D drafting software in the world. With AutoCAD 2023, you will be able to import 3D models and align them to your 2D drawings, so you can more quickly gain design approval from stakeholders. Get Started with Free Training!New Drafting Tools: 2be273e24d



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